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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    We need someone in the Palm developer program to approach Palm about a grant or matching donation. Is there anyone in the dev program that would be willing to approach developer relations at palm? I'm not a dev, so I'd get caught in their spam filter.

    Let me know if there are any volunteers.

    I posted in the other thread hoping that there would be a twitter frenzy over getting this done (similar to how Rod Whitby's travel to NYC later this month was paid for by HP/Palm), but that never happened.

    I also figured it is better to get one post at the Palm Developer Forums rather than a hundred emails to Chuq (which he would not exactly appreciate).

    As a result, I posted (in the off topic forum) on the Palm Developer Forums a post about this. You can see it at Forums webOS • View topic - webOS Internals Pre2 telethon

    Edit: heh.. Look at the tag "webos interbals"
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    nice message
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    just donated $5.00. Tx for all you do!!
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    $1,755 is the current total.

    Step right up and be the next to donate while the lines are short.
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    + $100
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    Up to $1,855 and climbing.
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    10 clams on the way....

    Hope you get to work on a "Super-WebOS" device real soon!
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    just donated $50.

    Please, if you use preware or patches or mode switcher, please pony up a few bucks. Any amount is appreciated
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    Donated $50

    This is my first donation and it is long overdue.

    Keep up the good work, my phone would be lost without you.
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    donated. Thanks for your continuing work on the best platform for mobile devices
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    Dropped $30 your way. Glad to help keep it going. Sure hope HP/Palm do their part
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    $5 donated.

    I don't actually have any homebrew patches, etc on my phone, but I know those guys are a big part of what makes the Pre community (and this forum!) work so great. They answer many of my questions.
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    We are at an even $2,000 (plus whatever anonymous donations Rod has seen lately).

    Who wants to be next?
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    I just donated $150 - no where near the cost of a new phone, but at least a decent gesture to pay for the improvement in performance and enhancements with all of those incredible patches.

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work you guys/gals do.

    Govnah and UK alone have allowed me to use my Pre+ with smoothness and power, just the way WebOS was meant to be.

    Simply said: Thankyou!!!!
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Very nice. $2,150 and climbing. Let's keep it going to $16,000 before year end. That way people can give several times as budgets permit.
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    $25 - Done!

    Good luck guys and keep up the great work! Recently had to swap my Pre (lasted since August 2009 until the touchscreen stopped working) and Save/Restore was a GODSEND!!!!!
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    Who is next?
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    Donated $20.

    webOS was awesome. Then came webOS Internals and Jason R., and webOS became the best. I can't wait to install Preware on my webOS 2.0 Palm super device!
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    Who wants to make it 2225?
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    OK, donor list is updated to this point. Please let me know if I missed anyone!

    Now where are the people willing to skip Starbucks for a day and donate $5
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