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  1. cmahy's Avatar
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    Just chipped in $40. Thanks again guys.
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    Another $20 just now makes $75 total. My hope is to keep you all primed so when HP finally releases my next webOS device, webOS-Internals will get it first.
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    Even though I do not own a webOS device I plan to make a donation as soon as I get paid this weekend. Is $10 good enough? All I can afford this time around.
    I have owned a Treo 650 for a number of years now (still ahead of technology in my country, sells for US$500! here), paid $1 for it on ebay. Convinced my wife to get a Treo Pro, which I admire, also purchased on ebay.
    My 650 finally kicked the bucket (actually thrown on the bed by my wife and bounced off) and now I have to get a phone (using basic Sony Ericsson my sister lent me). So I looked at what Palm has and noticed the Pre! And now the Pre 2 is out, unlocked (I have to get an unlocked GSM to work here).
    I plan to get one, so will start saving for that, should have enough by end of next year for it. Let me explain that last, price for Pre 2 unlocked, US$449. Monthly minimum wage here, US$125. Average wage for reasonable paying jobs, US$300. Not much left back to save after that.
    But I like what I see about you fellows do in this community, and if my small donation will be accepted, and can help, maybe I will benefit whenever I manage to get my hands on a Pre 2.
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    Looks like $5,800 at this point... not counting anonymous / unposted donations.


    @nyallj... No amount is too big or too small... It's what you decide you can and want to afford. All is appreciated... and if you can't give any, post it along on Facebook, Twitter, whatever ... That helps too!
  5. gharkay's Avatar
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    Just threw down another $15, so I should be up to $35 at this point. Go webOS Internals!
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    Just donated $30 for the good cause.
    Looking forward to the 2.0 update even more with all the features webosinternals team has up it's sleeve!
    Thanks guys!!!
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    $50 to support the greatest smartphone community there ever was ;-)
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    I chipped in five bucks yesterday
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    Just donated 40 bucks last night. Great work guys.
  10. Goyena's Avatar
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    back on Nov 9 but forgot to post. You guys are stellar.

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    Just donated $30.
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    Chipped in $40 last night. Will be donating more on a regular basis.
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    happy to throw my $33 into the pot
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    Donated 35$ yesterday. I hope some of this gets to MetaView and Frantid for their work on UberCalendar.
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    I've already donated some cash multiple times in the past, but just added an extra $40.
    Keep up the good work!
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    Just made a $30 donation. Thanks for doing what you do!!!!
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    A big thank you to everyone and their donations! This is awesome to see the best community come together and do something that only we can do, again.

    There is lots of new hardware coming -- some 5 devices. Need to keep this momentum up so they can get a jump start on the next generation hardware! I want my printer all patched out the second it arrives on my desk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spdsktr View Post
    There is lots of new hardware coming -- some 5 devices. Need to keep this momentum up so they can get a jump start on the next generation hardware! I want my printer all patched out the second it arrives on my desk.
    Printer???? Pffff... I want my WebOS Toaster to put butter and jelly on my toast in daily flavors.
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    another $2 from me to round up to $6150 from all sources
    that should take care of all pre2 devices for Internals devs, yes?
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    Up to 65 cents / page view


    $17.08 per post

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