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    Just donated $50 (via PayPal as 108 Dragons Productions). I guess we reply to this thread to get our user title changed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowza View Post
    Just donated $50. I guess we reply to this thread to get our user title changed?
    We will be tallying it all into the first post and titles will be changed when the Telethon is over. No need to do anything else.
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    Just donated $30. Good luck, WebOS Internals!
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    I will update the donor list in post #3 shortly.
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    just donated! $31
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    $4411 Woot!!!
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    Donated $10

    Detalles de la donación
    Número de confirmación: 2YL61412HJ825533N
    Importe de la donación: $10,00 USD
    Total: $10,00 USD
    Finalidad: Donation to WebOS Internals for Preware development
    Referencia: Preware
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    I hope someone rounds their donation up to get the total back to an even number.
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    put in $50 just now (before I saw that it was an odd number. doh!)
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    Just made two donations - one for $100 (that was my original plan) and one for $79 (to make things a bit more even!)
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    great work, everyone! We can get to $6k before turkey if this rate continues.
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    Just sent $15 your way... will do another $15 on friday...

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    Donated $35
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    and don't forget to join the 'draft jason' facebook group. The link is in my sig.
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    I have donated multiple times in the past. The last was a $50 donation to enable Oil (Brandon) to fly in for the NYC Dev Conference this past weekend.

    I am fortunate enough to be able to make these donations and am happy to do so. Give whatever you can afford to give. It really helps these guys out, which in turn helps us all out.

    Just donated $30.
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    $30 on its way. I'm thankful for home brewers this Thanksgiving!
    - acarback

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    very nice!
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    I donated $10. Don't need a title change or anything. I rather be a somewhat silent donater.

    Went to the Engadget Show after DevDay and if I won a Pre2, I would have donated it. Alas, I failed =\

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