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    I haven't been able to send email from my AOL account on the Pre all morning. I am receiving messages fine. Anyone else out there having issues? Thanks.
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    I have never been able to send an outgoinge mail with my pre for AOL. I always get the error sending " " message.
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    It has always worked fine for me. Goes down once in a while since I know they have been making some upgrades. Anyone else today?
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    I honestly didn't think AOL was still around...
    Every now and again I have this issue with gmail. Usually a phone reboot solves the issue for me.
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    I couldn't login to my aol account all morning, either. Cannot send or receive...

    I just logged on from my laptop and it made me double check security settings with one of those "enter the code exactly" thingys... but, then, wouldn't load my inbox. I received an error message to try again in a couple of mins. I did, and it loaded fine the second time.

    Still cannot login from my Pre. aol must have changed something.
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    I have not been able to send/receive AOL email all morning.
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    Well as long as it is not just me. I'm sure it will get worked out.
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    Yeah, AOL is having issues. I had problems this morning, but the last time I checked, it seemed to be working.

    And yes, AOL is still around, and yes, while I have other e-mail addresses, it's still my primary address. And if it makes me look non-technical or clueless, I'll just have to manage to somehow live with the stigma.
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