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    Is it available on the palm pre 2 or hp webos 2.0? Nobody ever got back to me. My company says I need storage encryption for email.
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    Not available.
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  3.    #3 will they compete in the enteprise marketplace? Is a third party going to create an application like touchdown does for the droid?
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    No idea. Right now device encryption is the least of their issues. Most SMB's don't require this and they constitute the majority of employers in the north American economy. That said it's an area they need a solution for....just don't expect it soon.
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    Given all the noise about HP planning on making big inroads into the enterprise, I was surprised they don't have native encryption in 2.0. I tried contacting GuardianEdge to let them know we're eager for them to develop a 3rd party app for webOS, but never heard anything back.

    There's a lot of medical apps (and interest in medical apps), but it's going to be the rare medical facility that allows you to connect to EAS without encryption - too much HIPPA liability.
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    My wife is an attending @ Washington University in STL/Barnes-Jewish (supposedly one of the best med schools/hospitals in the USA)...they don't require that physicians use encrypted phones...they also fully supported webOS from day one.
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    It might be possible to get DavMail (davmail dot sourceforge dot net) running on WebOS. Looks like they are working on support for EWS on Exchange 2010.
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    I fully expect that on-device encryption will be part of webOS sooner rather than later, given HP's enterprise focus. Stay tuned (hopefully not for too long). I'll also try to ask about it at Dev Day. {Jonathan}
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    I doubt the Pre2 has a hardware encryption chip, but I would be shocked if future phones didn't have them. Hopefully the 2011 devices will have a wide array of features for every one from enterprise users to tweens.
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    I contacted the folks who created the Touchdown app for android and they said the have no plans for Webos. Man, I would love to have my email on my phone!
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    any body find a creative way or workaround to get email? again pre is not supported because it does not have native encryption...i have palm pre plus
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    You won't be able to get push email, your best option is likely going to be owa page if that is even accessible.
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    will the palm pre 2 have it, or the pre 3 have native encryption?
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    pFff missed chance
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    Any new word on this issue? I have a pre 2 running 2.1.0 and my i.t. department just implemented data encryption. I can no longer access my eas account, and its a problem. My touchpad works fine. This is a huge problem for me and my i.t. department will force me to migrate to iOS or Android.

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