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    Isn't Palm a US Company? The Pre2 in Europe first, WebOS 2.0 will be avail to all pre's in Europe first too.. jeeeez

    Is like saying Apple will be releasing the iPhone5 in China first !
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    Quote Originally Posted by jovanny27 View Post
    Is like saying Apple will be releasing the iPhone5 in China first !
    That's actually a great observation. After all, the iPhones are manufactured in China. Sort of like saying that Chevys manufactured in the US can't be sold in Detroit. Wouldn't want the local population responsible for the manufacture of the thing lose its credibility by actually being able to purchase it.
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    Palm hasn't been shown much love in the U.S.
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    After waiting so long I got my Pre+ on day 1 with SFR here in France.

    I have NEVER seen anyone with a Palm here in Europe though.

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    I've only seen 1 person, other than me, here in Canada with a Pre, if that makes you feel better
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    I'm excited
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    Palm/HP does what's good for itself...or at least what it thinks is good for itself. Corporate HQ location independent. Besides, HP is a global entity.

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    I am sure there is some reasoning on Palm's part. Once all the cards are played, we may have a better understanding. Then again, maybe not.... I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!

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    Because the $1 is now worth crap!
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    I understand global entity, but Palm was concetrated in the smartphone market in the USA. Why realease a new device outside of it?
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    There's reason behind everything, however marketing and business strategies can't be shared.
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    Could be because most people in Europe buy unsubsidized phones. Palm really doesn't have to worry about carrier deals unless they want to make a deal.

    You also see less smartphones here because the prices are high, so there is probably a bigger potential market. If they could make a cheap version like nokia does, they could do real well. I think everyone I know has a nokia phone. It may not be their current or favorite phone, but they have it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    There's reason behind everything, however marketing and business strategies can't be shared.
    Duh! You mean they didn't just toss a coin!
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    I think that it might have something to do with carrier relationships, maybe SFR was the first carrier to be ready for the Pre 2?
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    palm does not want to make the same mistake again so it's going to use their europe fans as beta testes for webos 2.0 when things are super polished the will make a huge release in the usa.
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    I'm glad they are experimenting on the french before launching here.
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    I believe they are waiting for CES to release webos 2.1 with new hardware in the US... The pre2 isnt representative of what they want the world to see the new palm/webos
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    I live in a canada in quite a small town, but there is me, and 4 other people I've seen with the palm pre here!

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    HP is a French/UK friendly company

    Honestly if the phone is ready, they should be releasing it in the US first. Windows phone 7 is out NOW and i hear people around me buying them to try it out and the different selection of phones give the consumer a lot of choices and their app store is growing by the week.

    IMO a really poor decision on HP/Palm part. Thought it would be different with HP.

    Quote Originally Posted by RafRol View Post
    Palm hasn't been shown much love in the U.S.
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    Well its not like the US has paid much attention to them.
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