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    My Pre seems to have a lot of issues charging via USB to my computer. I am not sure about wall charging because I lost the wall charging piece. Anyway, it brings up the little lightening bolt by the battery to tell me it's charging, and the little "USB Drive" or "just charge" thing pops up, but I'll go to sleep and wake up with a nearly dead phone. Currently, I have it plugged into my laptop (it's dead) and the battery symbol keeps popping up, and then it will go black, and then it will show the white plug-in symbol, and then it will go back to the battery symbol, etc. etc., randomly.
    Also, when I plug the phone into my computer, sometimes it freezes up the whole phone and I'll have to restart it by taking the battery out.
    ALSO, my phone's screen will sometimes not turn on (and the phone is DEFINITELY on) and I'll have to take the battery out and restart.
    Last thing... sometimes when I wake up, and my phone is nearly dead, it will say "Phone Offline" and I can't do anything about it except restart the dang phone again.

    These issues are very irritating, and I have gone to my local Sprint store but OF COURSE the phone acts perfectly fine when I'm showing it to them... Last time all they did was give me a new battery, but I'm having the same issues and I don't really know what I should do.
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    are you actuall hitting the "just charge" button? And have you tried different usb ports on the computer? And is it the original palm cable?

    battery issues will definitely keep your screen from operating properly, too.

    you can get a new palm wall charger and cable on delivered for less than 10 bucks.
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    You should've asked the Sprint employees if they could provide you with a new charger as well. Also, which battery symbol are you getting?
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    With GOVNAH u can see the battery use in mA. If the Value is Positiv the battery is charging.
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    AND don't forget that your computer's USB port doesn't provide power when the computer is off.
    I have screwed that one up before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVisibleShadow View Post
    AND don't forget that your computer's USB port doesn't provide power when the computer is off.
    I have screwed that one up before.

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    Have you tried performing the quick and interative tests. This is located in (Device info > more info > preferences). Check to see if the device is defective or not. If "Yes" then you should take it to your repair center, and show them the error... and have the phone repair or replace.

    Best of luck.
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    Really. Slapped myself upside the head for it, but it happened.
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    the cable is damage.. I had the same issues.. Inspected the cable and it was cut.. Bought a new one and problem solved!

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