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    I'm wondering if there's some sort of program for the pre to list the active processes running on the phone? Lately, I've been noticing my battery dropping very fast. For example, this morning it was charged to 100%, and all I've done on it today is 1) Added an event to my exchange cal (minute tops) and 2) Checked in on Foursquare (a minute tops). For the rest of the day, its been holstered and screen off. Now, 5 hours later, its at 48%.

    I'm running Uberkernel, and Govnah is set to Screenstate 500/1000. When I open Govnah, it shows a load average of around 12.00-15.00 which seems very high to me.

    So, it seems that something is running constantly and draining my battery in the background. This has only started recently, and thinking back, I can't think of any major change I've made with the phone with regards to apps or scripts.

    GPS is off
    IM is signed out
    Gmail set to check 1 hour
    Exchange set to check 6 hours
    No active cards
    Brightness down to almost minimum.

    Is there a way to see what's running?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cquilliam View Post
    Is there a way to see what's running?
    Open terminal and type 'ps aux' which will list everything running on the system. If you want to look at it later you can redirect output with 'ps aux > /tmp/process.txt' and use internalz to move it around.

    Also, keep your phone awake (turn up the 'turn off after' value in Screen & Lock and touch the screen every now and then) to see if the load averages start to drop while it is awake. The three load values in govnah are the load averages for the past 1, 5, and 15 minutes. If they are dropping when the phone is awake you may have the 'sleep bug'.

    Also, percentages don't really tell you the power being used. Install Dr. Battery and use that instead.
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    or, just get the jstop app?
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    Yes, the best option for this is the jStop app, which you can get off Preware. Just look for a process or group of processes that seem to take up a lot of system resources, remove them, and see if that resolves your problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    or, just get the jstop app?
    jstop is only useful for the javascript based webos apps. It will not show the REAL process list. No PDK apps, no daemons, no background C processes, etc are shown. jstop will not show any of this. It will only have javascript resource information.

    In fact, if you are running only webos javascript apps I don't believe that a load average over 2 is really possible. All of them are running inside of two system processes (java and LunaSysMgr). That also means if you want to see a list of running javascript apps you must use jstop. But, having a load average of 12+ in a very rough sense means that 12 processes all want 100% cpu time (on average).

    If you want to see the real process load (cpu, memory, cpu times, etc) you need to run 'ps' from either novaterm or terminal. Because, I don't know of any preware app that lists the true system processes running on the cpu.
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    arrasmith is correct, another option if you have dev access to your Pre is to run the command 'top', this will list processes sorted by CPU usage by default. Hit the ? key to show help once inside the program, control C to exit it.

    Example of what it shows. Best indicator for you will be what's currently using the most CPU% and whats used the most TIME+ (Total CPU time used)

    palm-webos-device root # top
    top - 18:08:58 up  7:32,  2 users,  load average: 0.47, 1.00, 1.33
    Tasks:  90 total,   1 running,  89 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
    Cpu(s):  2.9%us,  0.3%sy,  0.7%ni, 95.4%id,  0.7%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st
    Mem:    244772k total,   233656k used,    11116k free,     3124k buffers
    Swap:   131064k total,    52596k used,    78468k free,    57676k cached
      PID USER      PRPRPR  $NI$  $VIRT$  $RES$  $SHR$ $S$ %$CPU$ %$MEM$    $TIME$+  $COMMAND$
    $16756$ $root$      $19$  -$1$  $237m$  $75m$  $16m$ $S$  $3$.$2$ $31$.$6$   $1$:$54$.$08$ $LunaSysMgr$
    $17225$ $root$      $25$   $5$  $2476$ $1160$  $900$ $R$  $1$.$0$  $0$.$5$   $0$:$00$.$07$ $top$
     $1043$ $root$      $17$  -$3$ $64848$ $2540$ $2000$ $S$  $0$.$3$  $1$.$0$   $1$:$27$.$38$ $hidd$
        $1$ $root$      $20$   $0$  $1956$  $852$  $616$ $S$  $0$.$0$  $0$.$3$   $0$:$01$.$40$ $upstart$
        $2$ $root$      $15$  -$5$     $0$    $0$    $0$ $S$  $0$.$0$  $0$.$0$   $0$:$00$.$00$ $kthreadd$
        $3$ $root$      $15$  -$5$     $0$    $0$    $0$ $S$  $0$.$0$  $0$.$0$   $0$:$00$.$84$ $ksoftirqd$/$0$
        $4$ $root$      $RT$  -$5$     $0$    $0$    $0$ $S$  $0$.$0$  $0$.$0$   $0$:$00$.$00$ $watchdog$/$0$
        $5$ $root$      $15$  -$5$     $0$    $0$    $0$ $S$  $0$.$0$  $0$.$0$   $0$:$07$.$12$ $events$/$0$
        $6$ $root$      $15$  -$5$     $0$    $0$    $0$ $S$  $0$.$0$  $0$.$0$   $0$:$00$.$03$ $khelper$
      $104$ $root$      $15$  -$5$     $0$    $0$    $0$ $S$  $0$.$0$  $0$.$0$   $0$:$00$.$71$ $kblockd$/$0$
      $107$ $root$      $15$  -$5$     $0$    $0$    $0$ $S$  $0$.$0$  $0$.$0$   $0$:$00$.$00$ $cqueue$/$0$
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    Thank you people, I'll check all that out.
    Corey Quilliam
    Palm Pre - Bell Mobility

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    - BSE Front Skin (meh, could be better)
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    arrasmith had an interesting thread here: You will find alot of information about analyzing processes and power consumption there (some linux knowledge advised ;-).

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