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    I love the palm Pre there is 4 of them active in my possesion and i have found a recurring issue with the bluetooth on the pre. I have two pre that one at a time have displayed the following symptoms...

    - Paired Bluetooth headset, looses its connection and won't establish a lasting connection again.

    with the effected phones I have completely reseted and sent the phone in on insureance, and even spent 2.5 hours on the phone with palm them selves getting kicked up to tier 3 support (the speacialists) ill keep you updated on how that goes.

    it is not the headsets they have been paired to other devices aswell as other pre's and work fine.

    i think there is a defect in the bluetooth hardware on the phone anybody else experiance simialr problems? with the blutooth
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    Husband had a problem with his original Jawbone and I have the same problem with my Jawbone prime but neither was a consistent problem. Just occasionally. But when my husband swtiched to his brand new fancy dancy Jawbone the problem ceased completely.

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