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    my webpages just started refreshing every minute. Not all pages but enough to be a pain I reinstalled and nothing fixes it this just started.
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    Does it make a difference if it is connected over Wifi or 3G? I just starting having problems with gmail on the web browser over 3G. Works fine on Wifi though.
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    Same here, no problem on Sprint 3G, but some have been doing it on WiFi. Very annoying and the patch doesn't make a difference.
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    No it's doing it on 3g and wi fi. this is really annoying and it just started. I have 2pres and it does it on both it just started to didn't do it yesterday
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    Mine has started doing that recently as well... I didn't notice if it was 3G or wifi, but it may have been more on 3G... it's annoying as crap!

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