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    I hadn't used a theme in a long time but got bored one day and started using them. Here is the sequence of events:

    Install Sticker Theme.
    Works great for a couple months.
    Get bored with it.
    Uninstall Sticker Theme.
    Install H.S.C. 3.0 Theme.
    Don't like it.
    Uninstall H.S.C 3.0 Theme.
    Random Shutdowns begin that night and have persisted since, causing me to miss a couple emergency type phone calls.

    Again these are not restarts or luna restarts. The behavior is more like, I will go to use my phone, and it will no longer be on. I do not have to pull the battery, I only have to press the power button and turn it back on like normal.

    My Pre was all patched up just the way I like it, and I have like several gigs of apps installed, I really, really don't want to Doctor bc it works great otherwise.

    So I come here looking for advice on solutioning this problem without having to Doctor.
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    sounds like a loose battery. Check to make sure it's seated properly. Some with this issue end up getting them replaced.
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    Make sure it really is random. I had a problem with my phone turning off, and realized it only happened when I closed the keyboard slider. This let me reproduce the problem, which would go a long way toward helping you get your phone repaired/replaced.
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    The battery appears to be seated well. Also, the phone will be on when I go to bed, and shut off while on my night stand overnight. This is on a full battery charge.

    I tried lightly rapping it on my desk, as well as opening/closing the slider to see if it was a physical problem, and frequently launch my most common apps to see if it's a software problem. I have not been able to reproduce the shut down, unfortunately.

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