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    I tried the EVO and returned it. I'm saving my eligibility for a future Pre device (sigh) or something else, just not sure yet.

    For the first time, I decided to install Govnah and Uberkernel. I'm running the 500/800 setting on Govnah on my Pre Minus. I have also installed other patches, so my phone is pretty snappy with features not found out of the box.

    Am I in danger of frying my processor? Anyone here run into problems with overhearting? Random reboots?

    I have the temperature warning patch, but not sure what type of notification I'm supposed to get (visual? Audio?). I played Angry Birds for a long time and my cpu temp got to 40 degrees C. Is that too hot?

    While the EVO is pretty snappy running a 1 Ghz processor, my overclocked Pre is not too far behind. This overclock hopefully ties me over until something new comes out.
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    I am at screenstate 500/1000 and have not had any issues at all. Been over a month now after playing games for a while 40 is not to hot.
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    I haven't worked up the "cojones" to go to 500/1000. I may just stick with my current profile, then see about going higher. So far I'm loving the improved performance. What a difference it makes, almost like getting a new phone.
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    you will never go back. I felt as you do about going 1000,but after awhile tried it and loved it.

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