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    ok yeah my topic is weird. I bought my original pre plus the week of it's release and I love the phone. My wifi antenea went bad and verizon sent me a replacement. This phone is feels more solid then my original + was. The slider is much more solid and I feel like the keyboard is more responsive. Did they do somethinf different or is this just another hit or miss with your pre device kind of thing. I will say getting a new plus is nice cus I know I definitely am able to hold off until hp palm announces their new line ups in jan
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    it could just be cause it's new. Give it a week and see if it starts acting like ur old one.
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    That's a good question, there have been two revisions of the regular Pre. The white button and chrome button. I've never seen a firm explanation of if there's anything different internally besides the button color though. Corporate care confirmed to me that the chrome button is newer, but wouldn't say what if anything was improved. I believe both call themselves the same hardware revision though, so maybe the changes weren't significant enough to warrant a new revision?
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    I have seen several posts from people who have gotten refurbished or replaced Pre or Pre Plus who have clamed that the hardware feels more solid. This may be due to tighter quality control after the influx of funding from HP or just a matter that they have had time to work out the kinks.

    At any rate; good luck to you and your new replacement.
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    yeah I just recently got a brand new pre plus due to some problems with the other one I had. The one I have now is much better. The keyboard is amazing. No problems there. And the slider is alot more sturdier.

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