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    i have a lot of ripped movies for my apple tv and iphone.

    They all rip in .m4v format, but when i loaded them on the PRE they wont play.

    its just says "ERROR"

    What format to i need to have them in to make them play.


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    I use DVD Catalyst and it has an option for the Pre.
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    You will need an m4v to mp4 converter. There are several available for download on the internet but most of them are paid applications.
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    Handbrake. It's free. Just use the preset for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
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    what he said. works great for me.
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    I use Handbrake, it has the built-in presets for iPhone, AppleTV etc. You can copy the iPhone preset and change the file format from m4v to mp4 and it actually only takes a few minutes and will still work on your iPhone.
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