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    I'm rocking a stock plus and i don't really mind it tbh. Then again the iPhone 4 is my main device. I only use this when the mood strikes or i know i'm going somewhere where there'll be too many iPhones.
    A stock pre plus is a *lot* more usable than a stock pre minus. I attribute that to double the RAM.
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    And next time someone bashes the pre... you guys got to look back to this thread.. lots of hate :} toward little stock pre.

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    I'm running stock since I got a replacement phone last week. Battery life is MUCH better than I remembered from my original stock days (the first few months after launch). I'm going to try to keep it stock until after webOS 2.0 is released. I want to see what an appreciable difference the 2.0 update is to the average customer using a Sprint Pre. I miss several of my patches and Uberkernal -- especially how it eliminated my TMC errors. I'm sure 2.0 is just around the corner so I should be able to stick it out with the stock config until then.
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    Ah...maybe thats why i haven't noticed any major issues.

    Things have been relatively speedy. Batt life is great, i lifted it from charge at 9am today and its now 1.30AM and i have 17% of juice left. After web browsing over wifi, txts, calls, youtube, 2 direct push email accounts and all-day IMing.

    Its been a very decent experience for me since i got it.
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    I have a Pre minus! And its usually over clocked really nicely, but a few days ago I was going to replace the SR71 with Thunderchief BUT totally forgot to put Thunderchief on after the phone restart. Didnt notice the lack of OC until the next day when I tried to multitask while playing music on bluetooth.

    But then I put Thunderchief back on and now I can multitask while music playing over bletooth
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