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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Simon Malls - Shopping Malls, Mall Stores, Gift Cards gift account. Only works on US activated devices though.
    If I buy this prepaid card, isn't necessary a code only available in itself? I mean, someone in the USA address must receive it and tell me the card's numbers and codes...?
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    is there any way to buy a virtual card or debit online, i am from the dominican republic i have a palm pre plus from att unlocked , i am in desperate need of some apps, even willing to pay someone to let me use his card on my account, then delete the credit card after paying for apps, can anyone help??? i mean you will use the credit, not give it top me, do no think i am a scammer or something i just love my pre, but the msn live messenger patch is not working, and also want some games
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    Just to provide an update in this thread...we have struck a problem with the Wirecard 2 Go as they will not allow transfer to the pre paid credit card from another persons bank has to be in the same name.

    (The proxy solution also didnt work)

    So the only solution now might be to get my Uncle to get a Wirecard2Go in his name...but it then might be disallowed to buy apps using a card from another persons name.....or to try and start a German bank account and transfer money to my Wirecard bank account...which gets back to the original issue of me not being a German citizen!!

    All of this is somewhat ridiculous!! At this stage I'd just be happy to buy one solitary app...Notes...4.83 Euros...not much more than a cup of coffee!!!

    4.83 Euros that is impossible to give to a developer because of the locked down nature of the German webos app catalogue.

    Frustrating really!

    I wonder if any of these changes talked about with Webos 2.0 will help?
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    I need to pay in 'UK money' and I'm stuck too. So far the only idea I can come up with is that a patron saint in the UK sign up for a virtual credit card (or let me use his) and I'll pay him first (plus tips) to use it. But this honour system will break down if the card details get stolen etc.

    Alternatively, Phil McKinney can hurry the HP guys up and eliminate this archaic payment system lol
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    An update to this thread...
    Am currently holidaying in the UK...and a friend here let me use his credit card details briefly.....I was succesfully able to buy apps using his UK Mastercard...managed to buy some apps I had long wanted....was an amazing thing to actually be able to buy apps for my Palm phone!

    unfortunately needed to delete his card details again after 5 minutes..(he was worried about them cancelling his card)..but at least it showed a UK card will work fine with the German Palm Pre.

    Does anyone know of a Prepaid Visa that is available in the UK?

    I asked in a few banks...basically without a UK address you cannot get a normal Visa card...this appears to be the same problem in Germany.

    I really wish HP would lift the Visa card restrictions for their app stores...I can understand I should be limited to the German app store because I bought a German phone...but to not be able to use an Australian visa card is ridiculous....I can buy pretty much anything else I want to in Europe with my Visa card.

    I will never again buy a smartphone where I cannot buy is like owning a DVD player...and not being able to buy DVDS..or owning a car and not being able to buy petrol!
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    I have some german pre (activated in Germany) and a german credit-card and can not buy apps.
    It's a german American Express Card.

    But I understand that a small company like HP cannot except a credit-card from that unknown company.

    We all know there are funny things going on.
    Thanks to homebrew I don't miss much btw.
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