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    Hey guys, i have a totally bizarre issue... i had a friend call me from a new phone... so i have the number in my call history log, but if i try to send a message to that number i can't get it to work... i've tried numberous other numbers... including numbers that i know are to land line phones, and all of them will allow me to open the SMS card and send a message. But i can not get the SMS card to open from this phone number (there are several different ways you can get the little SMS button to appear which normally you can click and it'll open the SMS card app)... AND even if open the app by itself and start a new message and copy/paste the number into the field, when i click send, it just vanashes instead of sending it and doesn't appear in my messages.

    What the heck is going on? I've reset my phone, tried re-creating the contact... it's like my phone refuses to recognize the number for SMS purposes. It'll let me call the number... just no SMS....
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    I'm having the same issue, coincidentally I don't receive texts from this person either. Different carriers and they don't have a palm phone, any ideas?
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    This has been posted about, quite a few times. I'd hunt up some links, but I'm mobile right now.
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    A permanent fix for such problem is to resign back into your palm profile.(webos doctor or perform any reset in device menu).

    Note: Remember to manually backup your palm profile first.
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    Thanks buttercup!? ... any specific search terms you can recommend?

    Rush... unfortunately i don't think i've done either of your suggestions before... though i did just open the back-up ap and manually back it up.

    UPDATE: So i logged into my Palm Profile on the phone through the back-up app and it said profile not verified so i sent myself an e-mail and went through the process again... it timed out on me in the process, but now when i log into the palm profile on my phone it doesn't say my profile needs verification.

    The name of the contact that's the issue is now consistently popping up correctly (i had made and remade and renamed it several times in case that was the issue, and it was sometimes using old names). BUt still it wont let me text to that number.

    What/Where is the device menu?... ahhh... .just found it's in the Device Info Apps. Doing a partial Apps and Data erase now...

    OH GOD!... so that phone number is working now for SMS but i've got other contact that are missing and my text messages are missing... i've got contacts missing that i've had for quite some time... i have no other way of contacting some people as their contact is gone!!! Contact are missing that i had before i got this phone... Help?!?!?!

    ... and my Preware, Govnah and Dr. Battery apps are gone...
    ... palm profile calander events are gone too...
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    dang, I'm having the same issue with a couple new contacts. Can't receive their texts either.

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