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    BB torch uses the same processor as a PRE but with no dsp or gpu. So in effect it is even older hardware. Bb didn't allow apps to be less than $3 or $4 until recently so their catalog is not that great ~5000 apps which is actually less than webOS which stands at around 7000 with homebrew. BB is a messenger device at best but if you like it you like it. I hope you are happy with it.
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    I think people should have realistic expectations of their devices. A device with an 1150 mAH battery is not going to last longer than a device with 1550 mAH battery if they are doing the same amount of work. Also, if a device A does twice as work as device B it is going to require more energy to do it that is just plain science.

    People kept saying psp has a 4-5 hour battery life at best while DS has a 6-7 hour battery life and is thus better while forgetting that a PSP is easily 4 to 5 times more powerful and more versatile ( movies, music, photos, games, downloadable games). It is an apples to oranges comparision.

    I see the same issue with phones a device that is barely a smartphone is compared against another that is basically a computer in your hand. Maybe it shouldn't try to do so many things but the reality is that majority of people can not rationally judge a device on its merits.

    Palm would have been better off selling an OS that had blazing fast UI but had no multitasking, no elegance etc.
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    @sapient2k7: The BB Torch definitely is an older hardware. the lack of GPU makes itself evident in everything - menu, webpages, games etc.
    The Torch battery is 1270 mAh (the bold 9700 had the larger 1500 mAh battery).

    I will not argue the fact that the Palm Pre Plus is much more powerful (graphics and processor if OC'ed) than the BB Torch. But the WebOS needs to be optmized for battery efficiency and I guess the WebOS 2.0 does that to some extent. I just didnt want to hedge my bets on Palm/HP looking at their attitude towards other issues e.g pdf reader issue etc.

    BB on the other hand really knows how to extract the most out of their anemic processors. I guess this is one of the reasons they have good battery life. It is a no-nonsense machine. I gets the job done even if it means doing it in a not so pretty way. The OS is rich enough to give you all possible customization options and the BB options menu makes it real easy to access all of these options. But the strongest selling point for me was the awesome support provided by Blackberry. given the fact that BBs are used by corporate people, they make sure they fix any issues identified. The BB Torch at release was a far worse product. They have released 1 official (and 2 non-official) updates which fixes most if not all of the issues at release.

    I just wish Palm would have focused more on the hardware specifically the battery. I knew very well that the battery is 1200 mAh before buying the Palm Pre Plus and I thought I could live with it. But after using it for almost 25 days I realized it just does not cut it for me. To each their own. But I dont like to worry about having to find a power outlet all through the day.
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    I agree, at the end of the day the device you have bought should do what it is supposed to do . That said, I am typically more forgiving as a regualr early adopter I am used to seeing beta hardwrae/software pushed out to consumerswith the promise of better things that will come later. Before the sale of Palm to HP we were getting at least one update every month that was adding features, fixing bugs and increasing efficiency. I am hoping webOS 2 will bring some more to the table.

    I wish you luck with your new phone. I really hope you like it.
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