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    This is for those of you who are still waiting (like I was up until last night) for a psfreedom update for your pre to get newer games working like Medal Of Honor for example on a jailbroken PS3.

    Blake_Zero has updated the original psfreedom with hermes V4 and PL3 payloads but never been posted at any of the ps3 hacking sites like which now has posted the files.

    I tried both builds (HV4- PL3) on Backup manager and Gaia manager, both work fine. I got MOH working using Gaia manager with the patch ON (just the 1st time to install the game data) you can't start the game without an original BR disk inside.

    Hope this helps some of you....

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    Do you know if there's a Hermes v4b with the PSN bypass for the Palm Pre?...

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