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    Very Interesting; I'm looking forward to seeing a Palm Pre 2 showing up this coming week! (I hope!)
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    Just thinking out loud. Artwest50 may be on to something as a regional thing. it could be possible that they are moving inventory from some areas to larger markets to deplete the remaining Pre plus inventory that the have. Hum?
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    Gone for me too.

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    Pre Plus still sitting in Verizon's inventory online from their warehouse. No need to freak out but hopefully the Pre 2 will hit the shelves sooner than expected from today until the 11th of this month.
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    From what Ive heard this week's shipment of new phones have arrived at VZW stores. No Pre 2 yet. Maybe next week?
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    Searched for Palm Pre and the first phone was Droid 2!
    Second phone was Pixi Plus, followed by other Droids Samsungs etc.

    Palm Pre was not listed.
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