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    My opinion is to get an iPhone. Dunno Pre lovers and people on this forum feel apple is the enemy when in actuality they make really great products. I can honestly say Apple has outdone themselves with the new iPhone 4. Battery live is the best I've seen, an abundance of apps you hardly have to purchase any. Multifunction is not like webos but it works well.
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    This is agonizing to me. I am in no way slamming webOS. I absolutely love it. I just don't know if I can keep going through Pres like this....

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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    just one thing keeps me from evo,,i need keyboard. But,all moot. Sprint will have hp/webos device.
    which is why I wouldn't go to EVO but EPIC has a keyboard and I think virtual keyboard but like you said it's moot cuz we're gonna get a new device
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    When I switch, it'll probably be an Android phone, both the Evo and Epic are great phones.
    Evo = onscreen keyboard = I don't like

    Epic = landscape keyboard = I don't like

    Really want something with a physical portrait keyboard like the Pre or Pixi. Sorry if I'm picky, but that's what I've been used to ever since the Treo days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    My opinion is to get an iPhone.
    Sprint doesn't have nor will be getting the iPhone.
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    I am not sure of the Epic or EVO due to their sheer size alone
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    [QUOTE= I recently got a Pre Plus with a sprint board so I can use it on the Sprint network to hold me over until CES annoucments of the new Sprint devices. To me this is the only thing Id recommend on sprint right now, to just get a pre plus and do it yourself (swapping the boards) or buy one already done I saw a couple on Ebay, and on here (where I got mine).[/QUOTE]

    how much did it cost you to purchase the plus and the board to run on sprint?
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    It was a tough decision for me, but the lack of hardware made it easy. I love webOS and my one and only pre is alive and well after one year of heavy use. The only issues I have are with the front plastic. I didn't want to kill it and I really do crave a more cutting edge device and I feel Hp left us flapping in the wind, so I went out and found my next phone....the epic! It's too bad some can't stomach the $10 4G tax, I don't have 4G here yet, but I know it will come.

    Also I thought I'd hate the overall size of the epic and don't get me wrong it's big, but it is nice and still fits in my pocket pretty easily. I swore I'd never want or own an ogre phone, but now I own one and after 3days I'm convinced, hp needs something like this to put webOS on and sooner rather than later. The pre2 is looking good, but it won't be enough to bring webOS to the top where it belongs. In one year I hope to purchase my second webOS device, but if it's not there I think I'll be just fine.

    I hope the sprint pre faithful get a sweet device soon, but waiting for hp to make a move or even say something is too much for me to handle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wellwellwell11 View Post
    hey I may have one, I recently bought a Sprint Pre Plus from a member here, and recently got one off of ebay a day prior. Though the company assured me it was a Sprint Pre Plus, Ill need to check to see first (I just got them today). If it is a Sprint Pre Plus as well i will let you know. Otherwise search Ebay and put in Sprint Pre Plus, but make sure it is for sprint and is a plus version. Alot of people are putting up sprint plus and its not.
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    I came over from the Touch Pro 2 and that is a great phone. I only switched because I always wanted the pre when it first came out but my plan wouldn't allow it. Since they forcibly switched my plan, I decided to pay the additional $10 and get the pre. So I would recommend the TP2 it's a great phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    just one thing keeps me from evo,,i need keyboard. But,all moot. Sprint will have hp/webos device.
    I don't care about having a keyboard and don't care about having WebOS.
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    I don't like the Epic form factor (landscape keyboard). To me, the Evo is much cleaner and if I had to choose, I'd get an Evo.

    I am still with my Pre and I'm just waiting for some good news from CES.
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    Honestly OP, I thinks you are in a good position right now. I understand not wanting a 4G phone for the extra money. Unfortunately there is no other high end Android phone available from Sprint. I'm sure one, or more, will be coming. How soon? Who knows... Just like who knows when or if a new webOS device will come to Sprint. So I would sit back and wait and jump at the first one that comes: high end non 4G Android or next webOS device. That's what I am doing...
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    Ok, here's my two cents, since you asked people's opinion...

    Get a Pixi and give Sprint customer service a hard time to see if they will kick you a credit back for the ("the difference"). The Pixi has all the benefits of WebOS, is, from what I've seen, far less sluggish in stock-mode, than the Pre, BUT, has OC available if you want it. AND, the hardware is statistically much more reliable. The only thing you give up is WiFi, but, most of the time, EVDO should be active and you should be fine.

    Now, you mentioned editing documents on the fly... it's a cute thing to be able to do, but, having done it for years, I can say, it's more for emergencies than anything else. If you have a doc that's important enough to edit, it's best to break out a laptop, or make time on a desktop. There's too much to miss when editing on a small screen. PLUS, a good friend of mine who is an attorney share this with me... His office is all on Blackberries, and he said, he's glad to have a phone that only views docs. He also shuts off his phone after a certain time at night so he has down time. Don't give your work the impression that you are SO accessible, that they can send something to your phone, anytime, and expect you to edit it. Something to think about.

    So, my vote, if you must make a change... Pixi.

    Good luck!
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    I have 2 lines, I'm going to wait for CES to see what the announce and hoplefully release @ the end of the month. If it's released I'll get it, if their not releasing it until lets say 3_6 months later.. I'll get an Evo or whatever is new and shinny @ the time. My 2nd line get an upgrade in May so hopefully a webOS device is out and get it then.. I'm really hoping they release something right after CES and not months later though..
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    I used to own palm pre before I switched to EVO and I have had lots of other phone before but I believe the WebOS is by far the best and most interesting OS for any phone. The problem with WebOS is just the hardware that it is running on. If HP/Palm can come up with a device that will look as interesting and fascinating as WebOS, then that will definitely be the device everyone has been waiting for.
    Between the Evo and the Epic, I think the Evo is a better phone.
    You bet I miss my WebOS but I am definitely glad I got rid of the hardware it is running on. Please HP/Palm come up with a hardware that looks good like the Evo, something with a bigger screen. Don't even worry about providing any keyboard because it is not an issue. I use to think I was not going to be able to use any phone that does not have keyboard till I got my Evo then I realize that there is not really any need for that.
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    I've run into similar situations with friends I have at home and work. Most often they're on VZW and asking me which device to get. Now I'm a webOS evangelist through and through, but before the Pre2, when the question came to which device was the best-in-class @ the flagship level, I'd be forced to recommend the Incredible. The Pre2 changes that for VZW.

    On Sprint, if you need a device NOW, it comes down to whether you need a hardware KB or not. If you do, as a flagship grade device, it's a tossup and I'd probably push gently for the Pre over the Sprint Galaxy S phone (Epic, right? I get 'em confused), but it's a very, very tough sell.

    If size and KB aren't an issue, and you're being honest, the EVO is the obvious choice. (as a person who used to use a Handspring Visor Prism with a Sprint springboard module, BOTH are issues for me!)

    If waiting is an option, ask me after CES.

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