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    I have used the Iphone, droids, and have owned the last few generations of Blackberrys. I own my own IT service company and basically have touched all of the technology. I can honestly say my Pre Plus (overclocked) is the best phone i have ever owned, period.
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    you made the right choice can't beat that deal
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    I was in the same shoes
    but I am happy now I got a pre plus for nearly 2 months now
    still a lot to learn
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbriar511 View Post
    I think that Hpalm figured they wouldn't have many takers with folks that already have webos devices especially the pre plus. They know they are dealing with a very savvy community. I wouldn't be surprise if they manufactured a limited amount due to CES 2011 coming up.
    Yeah, I think they released the Pre2 mostly as a way to keep their company image alive until they can release real, compelling improvements/devices. I'm very interested in hearing what they might say at CES. (I'm still using a Pre-minus myself, but someday soon I might try doing my own Pre-plus transplant with it.)
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