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    Starting some time this month, Verizon has begun to charge data that I download to the phone to the mobile hotspot category. This is bad because the hotpot data has a limit but the data to the phone is unlimited.

    It seems to start when I use the hotspot and from then on it charges everything to the hotspot until I reboot the phone. I have been careful to turn off the hotspot after use and exit the app. It may have started with WebOS 1.4.5 but I'm not sure.

    Verizon has not been a lot of help, except to say that if I get charged for overage I can contest it. Whoopee.

    Has anyone else seen this happen? And if so is there a way to fix it?
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    I would get on the phone with Verizon and talk to anyone who will listen about this problem.

    Explain that you've been monitoring your use of the HotSpot and there is something seriously wrong.

    Be patient, clear and concise, and focused. Try to enlist the customer service rep's aid in helping you solve this problem - talk to their tech department as well.

    If you fail to get satisfaction you need to, politely, ask to go higher up the food chain: talk to supervisors.

    Don't let this go, as those charges could seriously balloon on you.
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    yep, make them fix the problem
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    I wonder if it's a bug on Palm's part or on Verizon's part. You should probably contact Palm as well and ask them to put it on their list of things for 2.0.
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    Maybe the service bugged out and keeps "running" even after being turned off and closed? You could try doctoring and see if that eliminates the problem.

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