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    Please Help!!! I've to doctored my pre phone and now I can't set up my account for Yahoo!!!! any idea how to make this to work, I'll be happy!

    the error message says: unable to sign in the mail server respnded: pop not allowed for user.... I try already Imap!!!!
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    Try deleting the Yahoo e-mail account from the mail client, then add it as new again.
    I use imap for Yahoo(its my crap mail account so I get hundreds of mail daily) and the setting should look like the images attached below...I don't thin you need initial "palm" in the beginning, but that's how it got set up when I added the account. I believe pop settings might be similar.
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    thanks but its says: could not sign in to account, the mail server responded: yahoo IMAP is not allowed......

    I probably will have to reset the phone and try one more time... if no I'll go to some sprint store.... damn!
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    Did anyone know why I have a error message when I try to set up my Yahoo account in my Phone... I try already do it like IMAP but nothing change... Help Please! My Yahoo account for contacs works... but if I try to get my emails... its doesnt work at all!!! :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by gestrada0141 View Post
    Did anyone
    did anyone what?
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    hahaha sorry. I already finish to type all the question....
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    For some reasson... I Doctored my phone tonight and my Yahoo account start working againg...

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