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    I just got my Palm Pre Plus for At&t yesterday! I think I'm in LOVE. I just came from a iPhone 3GS. When I had that phone, I thought life couldn't be any better, until I decided to switch to Palm! I got alot of compliments today and The things this phone can do are amazing!
    I have a few questions, from using the phone for 24 hours.

    -Do you turn off your phone? Will it ruin the phone if kept on all day long 24/7. (Because to me, it takes just way to long to turn on)

    -Any battery tips? I took my phone off the charger at 6:57AM, I turned it off at 8:55am. I turned the phone back on around 11:30am, and the phone is at 30% (5:29PM) This is probably the only complaint I have.

    -I have contacts on my computer, (Its not outlook or anything, Its just on there.) How do I put the contacts on my Palm Pre Plus?

    -Will WebOS 2.0 have battery life improvements?

    -And any addicting apps?!

    Thank you! And sorry for all the questions.
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    don't turn it off. You can put it in airplane mode to turn off all the radios while still charging.

    and welcome to the light!
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    also, grab sme of the current deals on a few extra touchstones so you can always grab a charge.

    the most adicting thing is preware and all the custom goodness in there, especially overclocking with uberkernel.
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    Welcome! You will love the Pre Plus!
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    Battery life is not very good and that is the only complaint I have as well. I got an extended battery (2600 mAH)which has been a godsend but unfortunately makes it look very fat. I can use it for a couple of days now.
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    Welcome to PreCentral and the wonderful world of webOS, which will by the way become your new addiction.

    You have much to learn young Skywalker. Start here:

    There are plenty of helpful people here. Enjoy!
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    I have an extra battery for my phone and I never turn it off unless I'm changing the battery.

    I do not have a Touchstone (yet...gonna get one though).

    I put all my contacts in my phone by hand but I believe if you have a google or gmail account you can sync...Can't can you correct me if I am wrong please.
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    First – Welcome! Loading Preware is a must. If you are going to patch your Pre I would suggest the Super Patch if you really want to quickly upgrade your phone.

    Super patch Advanced Configuration for System Preferences renders everything ever obsolete |

    I use several Touchstones to keep my Pre Plus on at home, in the car and at the office. I never need to turn off my radios or the phone but I do an automatic reboot every day just to clear the memory.

    Apps are a matter of personal preference so just look around and try a few searches on what you like to do.
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    Synergy allows all contacts to be synced automatically. I see my contacts from facebook, gmail, yahoo, hotmail and exchange.
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    Here is a link that gives tips for extending your battery life:

    Give your battery several charge cycles before you can get a good idea what your battery is going to do for you.

    Battery life seems to vary from situation to situation. Strong phone signal helps. Access to wifi also helps (but turn wifi off if you don't have access). You may also want to turn off bluetooth and GPS until you have a better feel for your situation. How you set up your email will also influence battery life.

    I agree with everyone above -- I never turn my phone off. Use airplane mode if you need to get rid of the phone radio.

    And welcome to PreCentral.

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