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    I hope your phone comes back to you in great condition. See, really I have bad's a black cloud always hanging over me. If there's going to be a problem or a lemon I will get it. I have been through 3 washing machines and the transmission has gone out of all 3 and the Maytag twice! All 3 different brands. My wall oven I purchased brand new 12 years ago and use rarely (I'm single) has quit working twice, my new water heater that ended up costing me almost $1000 because the plumber did some damage to my home and I was too nice to say anything, for the first year wouldn't stay lit, he put all new insides in it, same thing. He would come out and light it every 2 weeks (always a weekend go figure) and finally after a year and a half it stayed lit. I'm jinxed! LOL I'm sure you will have better luck.
    lol maybe you should go to church ha ha
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    lol maybe you should go to church ha ha
    Who says I don't go to church?
    Some people just don't have good luck. Just like some people are lucky.

    I have been frustrated over my phone and I have been totally nice to the reps on the phone helping me and I've vented here, maybe I shouldn't but I think there are alot of understanding people here. I feel better and just going to go with the flow right now. My phone works otherwise so I'll use it til a remedy happens.
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    "If my Pre were a man I'd marry him!"

    I don't need to understand the way you think I need to, I understand the way I think I need to.
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