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    i am a new Sprint Pre user and love it. but I can't effing stand that people are calling it the Pre "minus!" It's NOT!!! It is the Pre!!!!!
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    Been with Sprint for some time and Palm for longer...sticking with both...they have been good to me...

    Went from a Palm m100 --> Palm IIIx --> Palm Zire 72 --> Cingular Treo 650 --> Sprint Centro --> Sprint 700p (with 755 rom) --> Sprint 755 --> Sprint Palm Pre

    And very happy!

    Palm m100 => Palm IIIx => Palm Zire 72 => Cingular Treo 650 => Sprint Palm 700p (w/755 ROM) => Sprint Palm 755p => Sprint Palm Centro => Sprint Palm Pre => Sprint FrankenPre Plus => Franken Palm Pre 2 on Sprint w/ working Nav and Sprint TV!

    Family lines: Wife => Palm Centro Daughter => Palm Pixi

    Living the Palm brand since 1999....and that's gotten me this!?
    RIP Palm OS and WebOS
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    I made a Sprint pre Plus and love it still i plan on making a Sprint Pre 2 just like i did with the pre plus so we will see...
    Sprint Palm Pre/Verizon Pre Plus On Sprint/Sprint Pixi Hybrid with WIFI
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    Quote Originally Posted by comwom View Post
    +1 for the Sprint Pre minus. (with a little help from Govnah) Sprint means 2yr till they subsidize your next device anyway, so even the earliest adopters have to wait til summer '11 or pay full price.
    Not sure which Sprint plan you're on. My account allows me an upgrade every year. I've been due for an upgrade since June...
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    Premier customer can upgrade yearly... as long as they're on a single line account or the primary line on a family plan. Secondary lines on a family plan do not get a yearly upgrade... such as myself.

    BTW, my Sprint Pre is hanging on (since June of 09).
    Visor/Sprint Springboard Expansion Module > Visor Platinum > Tungsten E > Centro (work) > Palm Pre
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