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    I see no reason for wanting everyone to know where I am. I can't stand most people and where I go is my own business!
    In other words "We dont have it, so you don't need it"
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    I think I need it so I can win one of those free jeans the Gap is giving away. I can't let all those iPhone users get them all!!!
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    on the discussion board for facebook they said somewhere that location-based services will allow for more robust applications and websites to be displayed and blah de blah in webOS 2.0
    so you'll see an app update for that, if not just the touch site, sometime in the "coming months"
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    as said above, some places offer deals if you "check-in" from there location. Like this past weekend, if you checked in from Chipotle and bougt a burrito, you got another free. They are running that deal again this weekend. Lucky for me, the Chipotle by me has Wifi so I use my iPod touch and check in with it.
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    Not only do I want to see Places for the deals I want the Pre app to be competitive. A few weeks ago Engadget rated the Pre Facebook app as the best facebook app out there. If they do not keep up with the features that users expect that will change quickly.
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    Because everyone needs this to happen to them...

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    Palm is working on "Facebook Places" for their WebOS Facebook app. They've heard the numerous requests and they are working on it. I don't remember if they've stated that it requires WebOS 2.0 for integration.

    I do remember Palm saying that Facebook Chat would be included in the WebOS 2.0 update for their Facebook WebOS App.
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    i want it for sure. i drive about 3200 miles a month for work and being able to check in is nice so my wife and others can know where im at without having to call

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    It came out on FB Beta today
    There is no spoon
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    Now if we just had a way to enter / edit the actual address of the places we add like we do in Foursquare. Depending on where I am, my GPS isn't always spot on.
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    Places works pretty well for me, and now I won't log into foursquare. Seems FB will get alot of their users.
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    it was released early today, before noon. great stuff.
    although sometimes my location is a block or two off, I'm just glad to see the facebook app thrive and really accomplish its purpose, compared to what it was a year ago..
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    I am pretty excited
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    Now that you all can complain about facebook places anymore. Who actually uses that thing huh?.....
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    Now that we got facebook places. Next we need a way to add pictures in different albums and create new albums
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