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    Hey Everyone,

    I will start by saying i am from Canada, it will help you understand below!

    My friend is getting a new phone and she will be getting a smartphone, and so i have been telling her as much as i can about the Pre and how much i love it. She said she went into Bell Mobility to look at the Pre and the sales person was warning her about buying the Pre saying that for every 1 person that loves the Pre there are 100 that hate it. She also said it is the one they have repaired the most.

    I was shocked, and i am on my second unit, but that is only because mine had a dead pixel and i found the day after i got the phone so i just replaced it right away.

    What do you suggest that i tell her about the quality of the Pre?

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    Hi Stephen,

    Funny story, when I visited a VZW store to pick up my Palm Pre Plus, the sales rep was pretty adamant on trying to sell me those friggn Droid phones. He didn't have anything good to say about the Palm Pre at all. It was actually annoying because it really made me question how knowledgeable these sale reps are. A good sales person should be informative and helpful in trying to help you choose a phone that fits your lifestyle. The guy pretty much thought he knew the phone for me without really understanding what it is I am looking for in a smartphone. I hope they don't approach the sales of the Palm Pre 2 in the same way.

    But prior to all that, I spent endless hours on YT and this forum reading reviews so when I visited the store, I KNEW I WANTED THE PALM. The ability to multi-task alone outshines the iPhone by a million. But I think what really sold me on the Palm is what Palm has stated themselves - everyday I find a new reason to love my phone all over again - customizing the phone to my liking is endless! .. and developers just keeps em' coming. I'm so glad I didn't settle for another Blackberry. =)

    But who knows? Maybe the Palm might not be the right phone for your friend, although I highly doubt that . But she should definitely do her own research and make that decision herself and not listen to some bias sales rep.

    Hope that helps!
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    Customization, Multitasking, Great Palm pre community to help out with WHATEVER the problem is. Great OS, TOUCHSTONE!!! The list goes on. Have her wait for the new phones though if she can. They will be so much better. I wish I was a sales rep. I'd push the pre onto everyone. haha
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    if you don't trll he there were ever hardware issues, she probably won't have any. People often are over sensitive to every little thing.
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    I just received my original 3 month old phone back from repair from Palm. The ear piece went out and Verizon sent me two bad refurbs. They then put Palm on the line for a 3 way call, sent my phone in specifically saying I wanted my original fixed. Just received it back and so far it's almost perfect. It was back to new out of the box and omg I miss my preware and patches. I forgot how touchy the dial pad is without my patches. I was accidentally making calls. LOL In an hour it will be back to the way I like it. And I agree every day I love my Pre more and more just like it's a new phone daily with all the wonderful patches out there to discover with help from this forum!

    "If my Pre were a man I'd marry him!"

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    No hardware issues here, got mine in June of 09. Have not had any issues with earphone jack since I have been doing routine cleaning of since Sept of 09 (static and stuck in headphone mode). I love this phone and cannot wait until webOS 2.0 comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    if you don't trll he there were ever hardware issues, she probably won't have any. People often are over sensitive to every little thing.
    I agree. I've had some of the problems everyone complains about but fixed them myself. People return their phone over any little problem they have.
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    Thanks everyone! I will pass this thread on to her!! I know the Pre is the right phone for her!!
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    One more thought .... Pre2 is rumoured to be coming soon to Rogers. In my opinion, Rogers wireless (typing this on my Pre+ /Rogers NW) is better than Bell. The chance to get better Hardware than the minus is worth waiting a bit longer, in my opinion.

    Good luck.

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