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    That is not true. A Pre 2 will always run the latest OS version for the Pre 2, regardless of carrier. That is, ofcourse, assuming the Meta-Doctor technique can be applied. However, the Pre 2 currently runs 2.0.1, and does not downgrade to 1.4.5 when on Sprint. My Pre 2 on Sprint is currently (happily) running 2.0.1, and I will hopefully be able to upgrade to the new OS versions as soon as they are available for the unlocked Pre 2.[/QUOTE]

    This makes me a very happy man. I will now be buying an unlocked Pre 2 very soon! Does this mean you have a meta-doctor solution for a Pre 2 on Sprint or are we still waiting for this? Also, how would future updates on the Pre 2 work?

    I already had a Pre "Plussed" and you mentioned discounts for the "two-ing" service. Any idea what the price would be?
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