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    Hello. I've had a wayward eye on the Pre since launch, & after seeing the f**kery going down with Sprint/HP/Palm just decided to finally pull the trigger. I plan on keeping it for a year until the Palm Mansion/flagship Palm device is released for Sprint later in 2011 & subsequent bugs are worked out. But that's neither here nor there.

    I've been doing some research (was gonna simply use that one link from for a migration "blueprint" if you will) as far as migration to my new Pre, & figured I would get tips from those who've been through it before actually doing so.

    I am currently using a Treo 755p (Sprint), & just did a backup (old school/PC HotSync style). The older Treos were simple as it seemed to be a 10 minute process as far as migrating all texts/calendar/contacts, etc. It doesn't seem to be as seamless a transition from Treo755p > Pre at first glance. Here are the quandries I hope you all can help me solve:

    I am reading that using Gmail for contact migration is an option as well as the DTA from the Palm website. Which is the best option? I read on a thread here somewhere that Gmail may not be the best option. And quite frankly, all that info Google harbors makes me weary. Same reason I never started a Facebook page. Ha.

    I am quite concerned about keeping my all my old text messages/threads as some of them have data I want to migrate to my new device. I also saw another thread on that as well, but it seemed to be for transfer from Pre < Pre as opposed to a Treo < Pre transfer. Any tips on this are welcome.

    I recall seeing issues about not being able to assign ringtones to certain callers. This was a while back though, & I hope/think these issues were eliminated with updates. I still have Volume Care & Ringo Pro from my Treo 755p (had it on a Treo 650 as well). Is it all possible to still use these apps on the new Pre? Or are there newer, better options to use?

    I see that Dr. Battery seems to be an essential app for any new Pre user. Any other recommended ones? And they finally did release a WebOS update for that whole no video cam fiasco thing, right?

    And I also see that some people seem to be excited about overclocking the Pre. I don't plan on doing too much with regards to multi-tasking, but it's always nice to be prepared. I'm a fairly tech-saavy individual, so if the pros & cons of overclocking could be highlighted in a short statement that would be nice.

    I literally have the Pre still sitting in the box, & am waiting for feedback before I start playing with/activate it. Thanks in advance. Peace.
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    welcome. Here is my perspective afyer migration from many years of treo/centro:
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    once you have yourself migrated, get preware. It's amazing, and overclocking takes it to a whole new level.
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    Thanks for all the wonderful info. I'm getting ready to put it into motion now. Any other input is welcome. Thanks again.
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    Pocket Mirror and gmail will give you a fallback position if the initial onetime sync to your Palm profile should falter. The advice and sequences in the Cantaffordit threads above are invaluable.

    Welcome to webOS. I made the move from a Treo 755P and glad I did.
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    NEVER put contacts in your palm profile... Just sayin
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    I never had a PalmOS phone, but I've been a Palm user for over 10 years. I've had my Pre for about a month, and I'm still carrying the old T3 while slowly migrating.

    My actual data migration went very smoothly, (other than the Memos). I was previously syncing my Palm with Outlook at work, so all the data was on the company Exchange server. I didn't even bother with Palm's migration tool, I just pointed the Pre at our Exchange server and all the Calendar and Contacts came right down.

    First tip I have for a PalmOS user is, once you install PreWare, install ClassicNote. The Memo app on the Pre is practically worthless. ClassicNote was designed to be more like the old PalmOS Memo app. There's a program for exporting your memos out of Palm Desktop so you can import them all into ClassicNote. It's a one-way process, though. Once you have them on your phone, changes aren't synced back to the desktop. Exchange Active Sync doesn't support syncing memos either.
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    Welcome! And you've come at a perfect time, when things are about to change dramatically for WebOS and the Pre community.

    So I came to the Pre from the 700p and the Centro. There were a few things that I just couldn't let go of, but then once I did, I never looked back. Number one is... contacts.

    I use Google and I never thought I would. I was so angry at Palm for getting rid of Palm Desktop, and not letting me sync to a program. But soon I realized that it was really REALLY convenient to have my contacts synced to the cloud. I never have to plug in my phone to sync my contacts, it's just done. You may be resistant like me at first, but cloud sync is the way to go.

    And this brings me to my second point. The first two apps you should buy are Done! the tasks app, and Noted! the note pad app. Why? Because they SYNC TO THE COULD. If you lose your phone, if you break your phone, if you have to wipe the OS, all your information is SAFE.

    This is what you'll have to get your head around, trusting the cloud. It's what WebOS is all about and it really shines.

    And yes feel free to overclock your Pre. 800 mhz is totally safe, and it doesn't affect your battery as much as you'd think. (I barely noticed)

    Welcome and have fun!
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    Just move from a non-phone Palm T|X to the pre. Exporting the contacts to a csv file and uploading to google worked like a charm. The Palm instruction for transfering suggested that over the migration tool if you have >500 contacts. My battery dropped really fast the first day but I suspect the 20+ min initial sync to google to get all the contacts plus the normal "I got a new toy I'm going to play with it" thing I was already syncing my outlook cal to google with the google calendar sync tool so that was easy, not sure about exporting cal to google. A previous post mentioned apps for notes and todos.

    I like that on google my wife and I can share our calendars with each other so when one of us makes an appointment for the kids the other sees it.

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    Thanks for all the input. I basically plan on following the advice given by all in the thread thus far. Also, for any old Treo users, are there any recommended apps for the Pre like Volume Care (sound booster) & Ringo (assigning caller-specific ringtones)?

    I'm looking forward to mastering the Pre/WebOS. I also am curious to see how this whole WebOS 2.0 deal pans out. Looks like I did pick a nice time to jump on the wagon.
    Sounds like a lot of potential to tap into . . .
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    And, oh yeah. Does the PalmDTA/migration process also transfer over all of my old text messages/threads from my Treo to my Pre or am I ****** out of luck on that?
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    messages dont get transferred. however, let me implore you NOT to use the DTA or put contacts into the Palm profile. see my "how to" link above for a much safer migration path.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    And this brings me to my second point. The first two apps you should buy are Done! the tasks app, and Noted! the note pad app. Why? Because they SYNC TO THE COULD. If you lose your phone, if you break your phone, if you have to wipe the OS, all your information is SAFE.
    Is the built-in memo that bad? Or are these so much better? I have lots of memos. I need them. Can I transfer to "Noted!"? Someone mentioned "ClassicNote" can import PalmOS memos? How does "ClassicNote" compare to "Noted!"?

    This is what you'll have to get your head around, trusting the cloud. It's what WebOS is all about and it really shines.
    I don't know that I feel comfortable giving all my contacts to Skynet...I mean Google. I can see the news, "Someone broke into Google and has posted/published everyone's contacts for all to see." Ummm, I'll have to think about that one before putting stuff on the cloud. Is the info encrypted? Wow sky/cloud. The similarity is too spooky!

    Speaking of encryption, can someone recommend an app that allows encryption of passwords and other personal data?

    Thanks much . . .
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    yes, the built in note pad is terrible. More like sticky notes than memos. I use the memo app that comes with pocket mirror because it syncs nicely with outlook.

    password apps to consider include'

    My Databank
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    DId the exact same transition that you did - 650-> 755 -> Pre. The Pre is really great, but it will take some adjustments. Once you multitask even with 2 apps, you will wonder how you ever did without it. And 2.0 should address almost every shortcoming that we've had to live with for the last year.

    I'm an Outlook user, and used to use hotsync to Outlook. I now use PocketMirror and it's amazing and easy. They added sync for notes and tasks, and I generally find it great to use.

    I've yet to drop all my contacts into Google, although it is a tempting proposition. I'm just too invested in Outlook at this point to want to switch. I agree with Vociferous that everything is moving to the Cloud, and expect to make the switch sometime soon.

    I would recommedn YouView for voicemail - beats the pants of Sprint. And I also like BFG Maps (better version of Google maps) and GeoStrings (reminders based on GPS). Keep us posted on your progress, and welcome!
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    Hey, I just tried the patch that lets me email all my contacts as a vcard. however, it seems to only be sending me one contact. It's a 1mb file, but when I open it I only see the first contact from my phone. There should be almost 3,000 names in there. what did I do wrong?

    I'm in trouble because I can't find contacts in any of my back up files, and my new outlook install doesn't have any contacts in it. I need to get them from my phone back to outlook so I can keep using pocket mirror...
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    Although I'm likely a bit late to this party, I'll add my $.01 worth. I'm also a person who was/is completely addicted to my PIM data. Migrating from my T|X (Palm Desktop) to Pre+ had to keep the following going at a minimum:
    -Ability to edit all of the below on my PC.

    There are lots of different ways for people to accomplish this with WebOS. I would ask yourself the following questions:

    a) Where do you primarily want your data. Yes, we all want it in multiple places (with WebOS being one of those), but, where do you see yourself using your data the most (ie: On your PC on an application, on multiple computers on an online service, on the Pre itself, ....) ?

    b) What data do you care about vs. what don't you use? If you are most interested in Calendar and Contacts vs. all 4 (Cal, Contact, Task & Memo), this is an important distinction for question d)

    c) How many sets of data do you want to manage? Thanks to Synergy, this is a great benefit you can realize with WebOS.

    d) Do you want each set of data in one place, or, can it be split-up (and re-merged on your Pre)?

    For the record, my answers were: a) On my PC (Application) b) All 4 = important c) 2: Business & Personal, d) One place.

    Here's what I did to make this happen

    1. Data Normalization. As much as it pained me to leave Palm desktop, I couldn't see the benefit in staying with an old software package (I was using the non-ACCESS desktop 4.2 that supports colours but won't work beyond WinXP). So, using my PalmOS device (T|X), I re-configured Hotsync with Outlook 2003 conduits (be sure to download / install the patch if using Outlook 2007).

    2. Data Preparation. Based on my note above (2 data sets), I split my data across two physical data (PST) files. I was able to do this easily thanks to the category setup in Palm Desktop (migrates to Outlook as a Category label). Despite what I noted below re: Sync, I still show both in Outlook (thanks to the magic of Outlook 2007, I can superimpose calendars similar to how it shows in WebOS).

    3. PIM Software purchase. The Tasks & Memos apps that come with the Pre are pretty toys but functionally useless for heavy PIM users. I bought Chapura pocketsync (includes a Task & Memos app). FYI, the best use for the Palm-stock Tasks app I have found is simple 'to-buy' lists.

    4. Sync: There are so many ways to handle this, but, I decided to do the following:
    -Business Data (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Memos). In Outlook (primary PST file) & Chapura-synced to my Pre
    -Personal Data (Calendar & Contacts). In Google. I use Google Calendar sync for my calendar (there is some 'trickery' I use since it only supports the primary PST file). Regrettably, I have yet to find a decent contact sync tool, so, I handle that manually (via. CSV files).

    I hope this helps you with your migration. If I'm too late, a sincere welcome to the world of WebOS. Thanks to the hard work of the Homebrew/Patching devs, WebOS is truly amazing. On that note, if you are a calendar person -- it's absolutely essential for you to look at Ubercalendar and Agenda. Otherwise, you will find the stock calendar lacking.

    Good luck & keep us posted
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    Thanks alot for all your help. Palm Desktop was the most frustrating thing about the whole process. But that's neither here nor there. I took cantafford's advice & sidestepped the whole Palm migration deal. SUPER solid piece of advice. After some careful hunting/consideration, i went with Companion Link to upload all my stuff. App wise, I installed Preware, Dr Battery, & WebOSQuickInstall on the PC. I'm ready to take my baby steps in WebOS world. Haha. I really appreciate all of your help, & I'm excited to give this baby a whirl. More info to come & thanks all. Your info was truly appreciated & helpful . . .
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