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    I'm curious if anyone knows of how to disable notifications that are built in, the "battery charging", "phone call ended notification" specifically? Or at least a way to have them only show up at the bottom for a fraction of the time they currently do. I don't need a notification telling me the battery is charging, I just look at the icon, and I'm pretty aware of when the phone call is ended.
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    Are you familiar with Preware? Im pretty sure there are patches that disable those things.
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    I think there are some patches for this sort of thing.
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    yes, there are preware patches to help with those issues.
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    What patches particularly, because the only one I could find that was semi related was the "just charge by default" which had to do with connecting it to a computer. I have preware and have looked around in there, but haven't found any patches that disable or change the time the notifications appear. Just to clarify, I'm talking about the initial notification that gives a little message at the bottom, not getting rid of the icon.

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