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    I've been noticing a strange issue since upgrading to the latest version of Facebook (1.4.0 Beta).

    Sometimes it seems to hang when updating the news feeds, etc. When this happens, I don't get any other incoming data (IE, my email accounts that are always online don't update until I close out the app). It's almost like it is clogging up the network connection. As soon as I close the app, everything suddenly comes in.

    This morning it did this even though I don't think the FB app was trying to load data. Closed it and all was fine.

    Anyone else seeing this? Thanks.
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    I never have a problem with FB unless FB itself is having problems.
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    yes. i have this exact problem. in fact you articulated it quite well. i am running v. 1.5.0 now, but same problem. surprised that no one else has replied to this thread, as it hangs the entire phone until you close fb. any apps that require a network connection will simply not load, or if they will load wont update the info, etc.

    have you checked to see if this occurs with wifi, or just over the data network?
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    It's only been a few weeks since I was using my Pre regularly and I never noticed a problem like this and I alternated between WiFi and 3g.

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    I am having the same problem recently but couldn't say for sure it is the new FB app causing it or not.

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