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    Is there a flashlight app for the Pre that uses the camera flash on the back of the phone instead of just whiting out the screen? I know there is for droid and iPhone, just wondering.
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    Those are in Preware, not the crapalog, though.
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    another patch to get the LED working as flash light is called "myflashlight" which can be found in preware
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    i used "flashlight in device menu"... it puts a toggle in the upper right menu, very handy! (also on preware)
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    The best is the "flashlight in top menu" patch which puts an option to turn the camera light on and off in the top right device menu.
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    I actually have the "device menu maxed out ultra" patch and it has everything in the drop down, including flash light.
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    i also use device menu maxed out.
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    ledtorch. look in preware in patches.

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