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    Hi guys. I wanted to reset my Pre. It works fine, unitil i have to choose the language of my Phone (the webos doctor dont brings problems)

    How can i fix this fail? i think my Phone dont need more than 15min to change the language? ^^ Pls help me, because i need and love my Phone!!!

    (I have a GSM O2 GER Palm Pre and i've downloaded the webOS doctor from the webos-internals homepage)

    Thx forward for helping
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    i tried both, nothing was helping... but i found the problem ^^ My phone hadn't a internet-connection xD Now it works fine...
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    not evrything... im living not in a city
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    I too lost Data for days until I had to do a full erase and lost all my pictures, having trouble with quick install to add preware back on my phone... Such sacrafice for internet was not worth it
    Researching hoping to find some answers

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