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    I use the Pre+ as a phone, to check facebook, to read engadget, etc. the battery drain is too rapid for me to want to use it as a MP3 player.
    The Pre and WebOS kinda suck as an MP3 player. The battery drain is probably the biggest problem imo - something just isn't running anywhere near as efficiently as on the i-devices. Also there are a lot more features on the Apple devices with respect to audio (for example, audiobooks or long tracks). My iPhone can last lilke 40 hours playing music, and when I had it, my pre only lasted about 4 hours.
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    You should get the iPod, the Pre can be better than the iTouch in lots of things, but as Media Player, the iPod touch is better. I was hopping that the Music app would be updated with webOS 2.0, but according to the videos, it looks the same.
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