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    I am having a hard time cleaning up my email. It was pretty much crippling the palm-pre. Each time I would go into the email account, it would hang and take several minutes to recover. Since I had over 11,000 items in the trash, I tried to remove that, but it would not delete the items. Let me select the remove trash button, but it did nothing.. So I resorted to trying to remove the email account, that sort of worked. Trash was going but the account was still there. I just want to remove the account and start over.. but when I ask it to remove the account, it just sits there and spins for over an hour... Any suggestions before I get desperate and give it a labotomy.. thanks.
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    Access your email through a computer and delete the trash items. This will fix the hanging issues you're experiencing with your devices memory. Do a battery pull while the device is on and try again to remove the account.
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    k... went to my optonline account, removed all the trash, pulled the battery while it was up... Still just sits and spins while trying to delete the account.
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    Leave it for a couple hours. It can really take that long.
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    I have a dumb question why do you have 11000 pieces of email in your trash?????
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    it will take a loooong time if you have lots of email and/or contacts...
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    good question.. but that was what email was telling me, but I can't believe it was true. Now I will make sure it does not grow that big.
    When I went to the email provider, there was only a handful. All I could figure is that something must be turning the email into mush, cause when I opened email, it pretty much took the phone to it's knees.
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    k.. its been running for 5 hours.. am I still being to impatient.. or is this thing just hung ?
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    If you have any email patches try removing those.
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    thanks.. deleted a couple of email patches.. started the account removal again... still can't understand how something so trivial can take so long... should take just a couple of minutes to remove an account.. or even less. Guess at this point I will let it run all night..
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    Problems can also, sometimes, be cause by a corrupt email, even if it's been moved to the trash or another folder.

    I had major lag issues and glitches anytime I sent or received something to/from my roommates yahoo account. I actually put a stop to his using it to send to the gmail account that comes to my Pre.

    Just something else to check.
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    well... the email account remove ran all night.. still not luck. Time to take some more drastic measures, whats the best way to flush this phone and start over ?
    Decided to overclock the pig.. after that the email account finally disappeared.. so looks like I am good now.. perhaps I will get some better performance out of the email.. thanks to everyone for there suggestions.
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