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    I have been looking around the forums but didn't find anything that could explain or help me with this problem. I haven't been using calendar much (due not no synergy for caldav or syncml) but recently I connected to an Exchange server. I've also used z-push previously with the same problem but I thought it was some problem with that software.

    My problem is that the calendar entries are shown in the calendar at the wrong time, although the entries themselves have the right time set. In other words a 10.00 appointment is shown in the Calendar as starting at 8.00 but when I open it the info says 10.00.

    I have the correct time zone set and after the DST change this weekend (which was automatic) I now have only one hour difference to the actual time of the events. I have also tried changing the time zone to a city one hour before and one hour after, but that doesn't seem to change when the entry is displayed in the calendar, only the time in the entry. I'm at a loss.. Any ideas??
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    i have the same problem but only with events from facebook. They always show up at strange times during the day and night. The time zones for the pre and facebook are the same.
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    I'm having the same problem. I got a new phone,reloaded everything and things were fine. Now I've realized my items are showing incorrectly yet the item itself still has the correct time. My items are showing off by 18 hours.
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    had a friend with the same issue today. He would change the time on his calender, black out the screen, and when he woke his pre back up - the original time reappeared.

    he uses yahoo calender as well as palm. His issue was resolved by deleting the entry completely and then putting it back in.

    after we had played with it long enough to confuse ourselves - we were unsure if deleting/replacing was the answer - or if there was a conflict. We might have been adjusting the palm calendar, when the entry was actually on the yahoo calendar.

    you know how it goes - swipe, swipe, backswipe, swipe up, touch, swipe out, swipe, touch, slide, swipe - fixed.
    *hands phone back to friend*
    "whatja do?"
    *shrugs* - "you know, i'm really not sure"
    *shrugs* - "thanks!"
    "no problem - anytime..."

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