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    I'm switching from an Ipod Touch to a Palm Pre, very happily I might add. But I'm reading a book I purchased on the Ipod Touch with B&N eReader. Is there a way that I can read this book on the Palm Pre Plus with pReader?

    I've searched and searched and haven't come up with an answer other than this, but it just confused me more!

    I can't figure out how to redownload the book on the Palm Pre.

    I did find this:

    Last night I downloaded pReader, a free app for my Palm Pre. I saw it would read epub format, so I sideloaded several books from my B&N account onto it (both epub and pdb). All I had to do was put in my name and CC number to unlock and I was off and running (reading). It's easy to use and fairly customizable..

    It claims to also read Kindle formats as well, but couldn't seem to get the kindle files onto my PC to sideload in. Barnes and Noble is much more user-friendly.

    Just wanted to share...
    End Quote

    What I don't understand is how to sideload?

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    Hook up your pre to your computer by way of the USB cord. The computer will then see your pre as a drive. I made a directory "Ebook" on my pre and place all my books in that folder. The program will then pickup all the books and you can then bring them into preader.
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    Close, but no cigar.

    I installed Nook, the book is there once I logged on. I then hooked up the Palm Pre via the USB cable and can see all my directories in windows Explorer. I made a folder on the Pre as suggested. But I can't find the book on the computer? What directory does B&N place it in and/or what extension should I be looking for?

    This is the book I've paid for that I'm trying to get over to the pre:
    The Next 100 Years, George Friedman, (9780385517058) Hardcover - Barnes & Noble

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    Okay, I found the book and moved it to the Pre where it found it. But now it says it's protected with DRM. It's an epub book. So how do I enter my user details from B&N so that I can read it on the Pre?

    I'm starting to get the feeling that I can't read this on the Pre as it requires a B&N app.

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    There are ways to remove the drm from B&N, just as there are ways to remove it from Kindle books. I can't tell you here, but search google. It is much easier to do with Kindle books than B&N ones. You can then use a program called Calibre to modify and format your ebooks. And no, I don't think that it's piracy or anything, if you are buying the books and are using them only for yourself. It B&N or Amazon would make a WebOS app, we wouldn't have to go through this. And there is a previous thread about this that may help you too.
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    You should probably check the official pReader thread, but it appears to me that pReader will not currently read DRMed epub files. Check the links below and look for posts from Jappus (the developer). The first one says you need to remove the DRM, the second goes into detail about the different schemes and why it's hard to support them all. Jappus has actually done a *remarkable* job of supporting different formats, but the current state of ebooks is a mess and there's dozens of different formats and DRM schemes.

    The one thing you can look at is just converting the file to another format (or removing the DRM as he suggests). There's several free converters on the web. And since you do actually own the book, I don't think there's any issues with converting it or removing the protection.

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