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    I have my Google Calendar and Facebook synced, and both are not showing up in my calendar app. It just shows the entire day as blank instead of all my events.. I tried syncing the calendars a few times, but still no luck. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Oh, and by the way, I can still get notifications for the events even though they aren't showing up, so the Pre knows they're there, but it won't show them in the calendar. Weird..

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    do you have any calendar patches installed?
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    Not sure if this is what's happening to you, but I've seen Google Calendar get "stuck" where new events are not getting sync'ed down to the Pre. Not sure why ... I cleared it up by deleting the account on my Pre and then adding it back. Something about a fresh sync clears it up. A bit of a pain since it takes a couple of minutes, but worth a shot.
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    You might also try restarting the phone, I was having the same issues last week and that fixed it.

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