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    Hi everyone. My pre flew out of my pocket on a roller coaster and I thought I lost all my info. Long story short I got the little trooper back and it works just fine. What I found out was that without a palm device I was unable to get my contact info back. What free options are there to get my info off of that phone and into my gmail acct. I made the jump to the epic for now, Ill get another web os device next year on my other line. Thanx for the help as always.
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    In the contacts app add gmail, under preferences. Or, if you already use it on your Pre, make it the default contacts account.
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    I'm just impressed that the Pre survived both the roller coaster ride & the subsequent flight thru the air!!!
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    I know. Considering how many I've been thru I was FINALLY impressed with the build quality!:-)
    I did make my gmail the default and the phone seems to works fine on the wifi in the house.(no service from sprint on that line nemore) it said it synced with gmail but does that mean my 150 contacts that are listed under the palm profile are now on the gmail account so I can just update the new epic.

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