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    I recently updated/swapped a replacement Palm Pre with Sprint. Hardware-wise, it appears as though there was a cosmetic change to the Sprint Palm Pre at some point. I may have missed it on these forums. I originally got a Pre around Dec '09 and the top physical 'bar' and 'button' on the front of the unit were 'white-ish' in appearance. However, the one I got a few days ago had a 'silver/mirror' bar and button.

    Did this change for all Spring Pre phones as some point in 2010?
    (I live somewhat rurally, so I don't get to see too many Sprint Pre's around, and the ones I have seen seem to be of the 'white-ish' type.

    Thanks for any feedback from Sprint Pre owners or others with knowledge.
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    I've went through many Palm Pre's on Sprint dating back to the launch device and they all had that flimsy, opaque ball/button and always had some problem (3.5 mm port, oreo effect, ect).
    Recently, however, when I've got my last couple Pre replacements from Asurion; they have slightly different hardware including a new all steel ball/button and the front speaker for phone calls has a different steel bar. i have had it for about 2 months now and no one problem with the hardware expect some chipping of the plastic but that is wear-and-tear kinda stuff..
    anyone else know what i am talking about?
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    No I don't. The Sprint store by me won't take my phone back because it has a minor "wear and tear" crack on the corner. It has a broken USB door, a crack leading across the screen from there, and the Oreo Effect is getting worse and worse. I *WISH* I could have the luxry of having had a few Pre Minus models... :-/

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    Yeah same thing with me, when I got a new phone in feb it was gray instead of white. The paint has worn off the button though, so it's grray with a white middle
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    hmmmm. I'm now wondering if Sprint has had 3 versions of the 'buttons'. I've heard and seen white, grey, and silver(mirror). The one I picked up is definitely in this 3rd category. Not that it matters too much, but it was nice to see them change this. My old grey button had seen the same wearing off a small bit of film so it was grey with a bit of white in the middle. Nice to see a Palm response to wear and tear issues.

    (The reason for my trade was due to the 'common' fracture at the usb port, which was spreading. I just mentioned that I heard the it was admitted as a Palm/Sprint process design issue and therefore could be replaced free of charge. And that's what they did. I did not have damage insurance.)
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    Same here. My contract came up & I got a brand new Pre. The bar on the ear piece & the home button were slightly different than my launch day Pre. Also, noticed that the slider was much more solid & tight. It felt more like the Pre Plus.
    Also, noticed that it runs cooler with the Uber Kernel than the old Pre did.

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