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    Does anyone know if when using facebook via the app. Does it actually close when you push that card off of the screen or is it still running in the background sucking up your battery by updating itself all the time? I have noticed that there is no log off option that is within the app. Also can anyone tell me when using wi-fi at home in order to not use up my data plan will the wi-fi still drain your battery even though it is not searching for a connection? Or should I turn wi-fi off when not in use. I am simply trying to get a little more life time off of a fully charged battery. Thank you in advance.
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    Once you start it, it'll continue to run in the background IF you have notifications turned on.

    Some people leave Wi-Fi on because Wi-Fi is better at power management than 3G. So that whenever you're around an open hotspot, it'll automatically connect and you don't have to worry.
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    I believe that facebook supports push notifications, therefore it uses only a small amount of battery.
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    In Preferences & Accounts - disable "webOS notifications".
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    I retract my previous statement, no push for facebook...
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    Push is supposedly coming with webOS 2, but the basis for the rumour is how google translates the Sfr Site, so who knows how valid it is.

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