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    I recently got a replacement pre and the people at the sprint store activated it for me before I could get my info off my original pre (pics, videos, texts).

    Now, my old pre won't let me access any data because I need to sign into my palm profile, which I can't do because there is no data connection.

    I would like to use Pre Backup Manager and move some can I get into my phone if I can't even create a new palm profile because there is no data connection and no option to get on wifi.

    I hope this makes sense...thank you in advance.
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    i would call sprint customer service and have them activate the old one so you can get your info. then re-activate the new one. they should be able to do that over the phone in about 5 minutes.
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    Are you talking about information on the USB portion? Because I would just create a faux acct and that shouldnt erase the USB portion.
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    I have the same problem, did anyone ever figure this out? I can't reactivate the phone cuz I moved from sprint to Verizon.

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