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    I don't know how this happened: when I try to open an e-mail attachment .pdf or .docx or .xlsx, then a strange thing happens. It is not dok.viewer or the pdf viewer that opens up but maptool.
    (Btw: maptool a fine mapping application from Metaview)
    I deinstalled maptool with the result that now nothing happens anylonger.
    As I assume, there is something wrong with the call of the application.
    But how to change back?

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    What you can do is see what the default application is set for those file types

    1. Launch device info
    2. Select the menu and tap on default applications
    3. Scroll down to where it list file types

    Find the file type and see what the default application is set for.

    Outside of that..I believe there was a patch or something that provided the ability to change the default applications for the file types..but I'm not entirely robust when it comes to dealing with that..I do believe it was by Jason R. though...but again could be wrong.
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    I knew I could review the default applications but is there a way to change what I see. It appears that when I used internalz to change itself to the picture reader default and then used the same app to change it back it now has NO default for pictures in the email attachments. The only way to open jpg or jpegs now is to change internalz back to default using that app.

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