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    Will There Ever Be A Kernel With 1.5GHz or 2GHz?

    I Know 1.2GHz Kernel Created By uNiXpHiChO Is Still In Beta Alpha Testing And Probely Never Come To Public.

    Wouldelnt It Be Awsome To Have A Testing Kernel With 2GHz Or 1.5GHz?
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    To give a detailed answer to your question:
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    I don't know what we're yelling about!

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    Don't think there ever will. It would take a lot of volts which would require some sort of direct CPU cooling. Would be an interesting experiment when my phone is older

    It might be possible in the Pre 2 since it has a 1GHz chip. Since it has roughly half the power draw from the previous chip it should run a bit cooler meaning the voltage can be increased a little. Only time will tell.
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    No. The 1.2 Ghz Kernel does not run on many phones, and pushing a CPU at twice it's rated speed is already much more than you could ever realistically hope for, given the fact that there is no good way to dissipate heat, and the fact that you are running on a battery.

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