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    is there a app that lets you make custom ringtonesfrom songs on your phone?
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    pretty sure so far the answer is no. Use a computer, it doesn't take long. Goldwave and Audacity are good audio editing programs available for free.
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    i don't believe so. there are sites that you can upload mp3 and edit it and dl it back to your phone though. for most of my ringtones i either just use a song's beginning (just pick "+" in the rintone selection area and you can scan your media), or import mp3 to garage band, which is free on Macs, or Logic (so not free) and edit it.
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    No! I know that for a fact. However there are several (2 good ones mentioned here) where you can make your own.

    I've made a bunch from CDs that I have for my phone. They are then easily transfered via the USB to my Pre.

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