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    The pre touch screen is not working. Whenever i touch the power button to turn the screen off, it turns back on. and the touch screen is not working. its like the phone is reversing my actions. Please help me. Thank you
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    Have you tried unseating the battery to restart? Also I have had this issue with 3rd party chargers plugged in. Never had it not go away with a restart though.
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    It sounds like a warranty issue. Call webos and describe the problem to them. They will send you out a replacement as long as it is under a year. I've seen this issue several times and they have helped the people out who have had these issues. You might have to do it from online ... I think they charge for phone tech support. They will tell you if they would charge and they will tell you where to go online for the free help. I hope you get it repaired. Us PRE users got to stick together. Solidarity!

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    I have a little problem where when I set the phone on the touchstone, the screen will stay on and if I try pressing the power button, It will turn off and on. I have to press it a few time to get it to stay off. I think this may be due to a patch setting that keeps the screen on all the time. Im just guessing. I think maybe once, I have had a problem with the touch screen tweeking out. I just reset the phone and it fixed it.

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