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    i have a sprint pixi but im getting a sprint pre today...will i be able to just sign on my palm and gmail accounts on the new pre i get and service and contacts etc. should show up on the pre right?....dont want to have to go to the sprint store to get the service and stuf changed over
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    you can change which phone has service when you sign into sprints website. When you change phones on there, That will deactivate the pixi, and then you'll be able to sign into pre (use same palm user name and password) and then into your email accounts.

    if you have music and stuff you want on your pre, I'd first copy everything from the pixi in usb mode into a folder to a computer, then switch the service to the pre and stuff, then move the folder on your computer to your pre in usb mode.
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    ok thanks a lot man
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    no problem

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