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    I usually put all my music on a sandisk and use it on my phone but the pre does not offer sandisk use. I'd like to add music to my phone but I expected it would be just like a computer. The more things taking up memory will make the phone slower. I have something like 14gb free but want to know if adding my music will make my pre slow down. Thanks for the help!
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    No, adding music to your USB partition will not slow your Pre down. You obviously have a Plus model, I have a Sprint Pre with only 8GB and 5 of it is filled with music and it still runs smooth. The data on the USB partition makes no difference.

    FWIW... I use iTunes to organize my music on my PC and simply connect my Pre in USB mode to my PC, then create a playlist in iTunes for what I want on my Pre and then select everything in the playlist and drag and drop it to the music folder (I created) on my Pre. All of my album, artist, and artwork info come over without a hitch.
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    +1 to everything but itunes - what a steam pile that is...
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    I have the Zumo drive app... if you do what they tell u off the website when signing up... you get 2GB extra... so ur looking at 2GB of music ... i got bout 20 of my fav songs on my pre and its not taking up my pre storage

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